Yalla foundation

Yalla Foundation…… focuses on practically kickstarting integration of the new generation of immigrants into Dutch society. To do that, we define ourselves as a source of inspiration and advice for the many organizations, initiatives, and civilians. Our method is to work bottom-up, to value the power, talents and strengths of newcomers and to focus on inclusion. At the same time, we take the…

Make the Difference with a Donation

Yalla foundation supports building a social and professional network! Please help us, make the difference with a donation for Yalla! All one time or continuous donations are appreciated, also if it is 2,- Euro! Stichting Yalla | Yalla Foundation NL75INGB0007458164 info@yallafoundation.nl

Refugees in Netherlands Nijmegen Facebook Group

Join the group now! Help each other build a network and solve small problems. Have a question? Want to meet people? Dive in the local community and get to know more about each other. Connect with each other and make your local network grow in the Refugees in Netherlands Nijmegen Facebook Group (7000+ members).

Connect in Your Local Facebook Group!

Connect in Your Local Refugees Facebook Group! In many places people asked for the same group Refugees in Netherlands. Is your city there? Then join the groups and build your social network with the Dutch. Yalla!  REFUGEES IN NETHERLANDS … Amsterdam Arnhem Assen Azelo Blitterswijck Blauwestad Brunssum Budel Crailo Delfzijl Den Helder Deventer/Schalkhaar Doetinchem Drenthe (Hoogeveen,…

Independent Volunteers Nijmegen Facebook Group

Join the facebook group Independent Volunteers Nijmegen In the Independent Volunteers Nijmegen Facebook Group volunteers and civilians can inform and ask each other questions about topics concerning refugees, asylum procedures and much much more. NEW: facebook group Independent Volunteers Blauwestad

Welcome to Nijmegen Facebook Page

Join the facebook page now! Welcome to Nijmegen Facebook Page (9000+) informs and drives the positive power around receiving and welcoming refugees in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.