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5 golden tips for your CV

In my experience as a career coach, I review a lot of CVs. These are suggestions for a strong CV if you came to the Netherlands recently:

 Always include a short profile text where you describe who you are and what your strong and unique points are. but especially: what kind of job are you looking for? This last point is important. In what field do you want to work? And what is possible in the Netherlands? Don’t say your open for all opportunities, but also not be too specific.

2. Describe the context of the company you worked for, especially if this company is not in the Netherlands: What does the company do? How big is it? In which city and country is it located?

3. Include a small description of each job you have done, using bullet points and results you have achieved

4. Include your language skills, consider them an asset! Also mention them in your profile text.

 5. If you have a gap of several years in your CV, describe the activities you did do. For example: voluntary work, learning Dutch, studying, participating in networks and organizations, caring for children. Or otherwise: “orientation on new life and career in the Netherlands”

  1. Note: voluntary work is also work experience! It does not matter if you get money for it or not. If necessary you can include it in your list of work experience.  

Please respond if you have any questions!

Judith @ Astara



My name is Judith and I am a career coach. I like to help internationals to find a job in the Netherlands. I write a blog where I give tips and tricks on how to apply for jobs and how to deal with certain challenges.

If you have any questions or you want to have advice about something, please write a message on my wall, so everyone can read the questions and answers and we can discuss with each other.

You can also send me a personal message if you have a specific question. I speak Dutch, English, Turkish and Farsi/Dari.

Hallo allemaal!

Mijn naam is Judith en ik ben een carrière coach. Ik help nieuwkomers om een baan te vinden in Nederland. Ik schrijf een blog waar ik tips en advies geef over hoe je een baan kan vinden en hoe je omgaat met obstakels.

Als je vragen hebt of advies wil, schrijf dan een bericht op mijn tijdlijn, zodat iedereen kan meelezen wat het antwoord is en we hierover kunnen discussiëren.

Als je een specifieke vraag hebt, mag je me ook altijd een persoonlijk bericht sturen. Ik spreek Nederlands, Engels, Turks en Farsi/Dari.