Moneycard from COA

The COA moneycard for refugees in The Netherlands, how does it work? We will help you a little.

Week Money on the COA moneycard

  • With the moneycard you can pay, if there is enough money on it.
  • You can use it to buy what you need.
  • If you want to prepare food, use the moneycard to pay in a shop, or to withdraw money at an ATM machine.


How to Pay with the COA Moneycard? Use the Pin Code

  • If you want to pay, you put the card in the machine.
  • Then you will be asked to enter the pin code. Put the pin code.
  • And after that press the green button: means OK.
  • The pin code consists of 4 numbers. The code is personal and must stay secret! So remember it by heart. In this way you prevent to loose money if you loose the card.

The pin code is for example: 3456. Make sure you start with 3 (the arabic way is to start with the 6)! If you enter the wrong code 3 times, the card will be blocked.

Steps to Pay with the COA moneycard for Refugees in The Netherlands

  1. Go to the shop (or ATM)
  2. Show the card to the cashier (he will know you want to pay with the card)
  3. Put your card in the card reader
  4. Enter your personal pin code
    ⇒Start from left to right: 3-4-5-6
    ⇒Make sure no one sees you enter the code
  5. Press the green button (OK)
  6. Wait a while. Often you can read ‘Geslaagd’ on the machine. It means it worked.
  7. Take the card out of the machine!
  8. If you are at a ATM, take your money.

Extra information about how to pin, you can find on this website.

Card Blocked? What Now?

The card is blocked if you enter the pin code 3 times incorrectly. Or if the bank thinks the card is misused. If that is the case, go to COA or the bank (if it is the bank card). They can help you to deblock the card.

The ATM Swallowed my Card. What Now?

Sometimes, if you forget to take out the card in an ATM, the ATM can swallow your card. Call your bank to get it back. This can take some time.

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