Drivers Licence

What are the rules for driving | drivers licence for refugees in the Netherlands? The first 6 months in The Netherlands you are allowed to drive with your foreign drivers licence. But if you received this licence outside the European Union, European Free Trade Association (EVA) and a certain list of countries, in all cases you have to TAKE AGAIN your licence exam in The Netherlands. If not, you are not allowed to drive after these 6 months.

  • In the Netherlands, you are allowed to take the exam if you are 18 years or older.
  • You can start driving lessons at 17. But only at official driving schools!
  • Before you do the exam, you have to fill in a form and sign that medically and mentally you are able to drive. If there are doubts, you may need to undergo a medical check (rijbewijskeuring).

Two Exams to get the New Drivers Licence

In most cases, non-EU-immigrants have to regain their drivers licence by doing a theory AND a practical exam.

  • Theory
    First you have to start learning about traffic regulations and the vehicle. After studying the book and or online, you will have to do the official exam.
    To take the exam, it costs 31 euro (2016) at CBR.
  • Practical driving exam
    (information will be added as soon as possible)

What the Licence Cost?

Depending on any person, the costs will differ. But it is expensive always!

  • A theory exam costs around 35 euro, lessons 20 euro.
  • A lesson in a car can cost up to 100 euro per hour depending in what kind of school and car you drive. 20-35 lessons is normal.
  • To take the practical exam: around 250 euro.
  • Then you also have to pay to receive the drivers licence. More info (in Dutch).

At official driving schools sometimes you can choose an all-in-one package which is more cheap. Check out your local driving schools for this! While picking a school, check the percentage of their students that pass their exam. This tells you something about the quality of the driving school. Good luck!

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