Dutch Nationality

Do you know what the Dutch nationality or naturalisation for refugees means? And when you can get it? Now after 5 years of temporary permit you can maybe get a permanent permit. Reported stateless people and if you are married to a Dutch person after 3 yrs, and in some other cases. This has nothing to do with the Dutch Nationality. After obtaining the permanent permit, you can request “Nederlanderschap”, means the Dutch nationality or naturalisation. In many cases this means loosing your own nationality – but not in all cases

Dutch Nationality or Naturalisation after 7 years? Change of Law Proposal Expected Soon

Not the permanent permit, but getting the Dutch Nationality (naturalisation) Government wants to make it possible after 7 years for all shorter than 3 years with permit. Instead of 5 now. The proposal has passed the first stage now, it was approved in the Tweede Kamer (parliament). The senators in the Eerste Kamer will vote if they agree with the idea.  Passing is likely.

Advantages of the Dutch Nationality or Naturalisation

You can:
– Be registrated as Dutch
– Get a Dutch passport
– Vote for national elections (locally you can vote after having the permit for 5 years)
– Live and work in every country of the EU
– You are no longer a foreigner
– Travel freely within the following countries (Schengen)

Relevant Links about Requesting the Dutch Nationality or Naturalisation for Refugees

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