Helpdesk Yalla Foundation

Dear all,

Like all of you, we at Yalla Foundation are experiencing the news of the war in Ukraine. And that as a result of this aggression, a lot of people are forced to leave their homes, their lives, and their country. For those of you who want to express solidarity with these refugees, we are opening our Yalla Helpdesk again. Like we did since 2015 for all refugees at Heumensoord, in Nijmegen, and around. This time we intend to extend our activities and build up a national volunteers network.

We are inviting you to participate in our Yalla Helpdesk, in order to support and help refugees in Nijmegen and in the Netherlands. We will make an inventory of your offers for help to refugees and link them to requests of refugees.

How does it work?

Fill in the Registration below
Write down what kind of help you would like to provide.

Some ideas for help:
– Being a buddy (meeting for a coffee, a meal, being support, providing information about the Dutch systems, i.e. study, work, health, etc.)
– Organizing activities (culture, sports, cooking, gardening, handicraft/arts, for children, town tours etc.)
– Helping with the Dutch language
– Offering or collecting goods like bikes, clothes etc
– Translations/interpreting
– Providing shelter

Yalla Foundation will collect your propositions (intentions) for help and will get in touch with you on the needs that might come. You will be linked to refugees that have requested for support or help at our Yalla Helpdesk (or through other organisations).

We work together with different organisations in Nijmegen and around the Netherlands, and therefore we might link your proposition to one of these.

Once registered at Yalla Helpdesk you will be kept informed about our activities for our national volunteers network.

Thanking you in advance!!!

Team Yalla Helpdesk

P.S. Refugees can contact us with their questions, requests for help or other at . Either we will answer their question or we will link them to a volunteer in our Yalla Helpdesk or an organisation in our network.