Heumensoord Help-Desk

Dear Nijmegeners and all,

Almost 6 years ago, Heumensoord hosted 3000 asylum seekers. It was a wonderful moment of solidarity from you. 

This year, as many have known, 700 from Afghanistan will be hosted in Heumensoord. 

To learn from the last experience we would like to contribute and help those who want to contribute.

For now, we would like to ask in advance about the specific things that might be helpful when we need them. 

1- Children Buggy.
2- Bikes.
3- Clothes as many will come unprepared for the Dutch winter.
4- Invitation for coffee or tour in the city.
5- Learning the Dutch language.

Send an email at helpdesk@yallafoundation.nl (or fill the form below) add what would you like to contribute with your contact details in case we will contact you later to deliver your help.

    Donation for Yalla