Integration Course

Permit? Then you can start with the formal integration courses (paid by DUO). As an status holder in The Netherlands you can choose your integration courses yourself. Tip: do not wait too long to start! If you can, try to start when you are still in an AZC. Inburgering (integration) is obliged for all newcomers and you’ll have to finish it within 3 years, to be sure the loan will be a not forced to pay back. How does this work?

Tip: start communicating with Dutch around you!!! This will help more than all courses, lessons and tips.

Civic Integration Courses

The exam consists of 3 parts, about:

  1. Dutch language
    Online courses and apps? Check out this page Learn Dutch Now!
  2. Dutch labour market
  3. Dutch society
  • Permit? Then you will get a letter from the Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs (DUO).
    – DUO is the organisation that pays the money to the course offerer where you choose a course.
    – They will not pay you. But they pay the school you choose, for you.
  • Apply for the loan with your DIGID
  • Choose a course matching your level of learning.
    – Schools should be registered at: Blik op werk. Here you can also find ratings of schools. They also provide advice (see their phone number).
    – VWN or others can help you to find it.
    – Sometimes the municipality also informs you.
    – You can choose courses at universities, intensive courses or courses for slow learners … Find your matches.
    – Make sure you choose a good school, that is more important than a low price or a free laptop.
  • Study hard.
  • Do all the exams.
  • Finish within 3 years? Then you will not have to pay back the loan.
More official Info …
    Support by UAF

    If you have a mid-level diploma or higher, UAF can support you also in this process. See the images below.

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    Video During an Integration Course in The Netherlands

    Queen Maxima also did the inburgering course! 

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