OV Chipcard- train ticket in the Netherlands

What is it?

The OV Chipcard is used in order to travel in the Netherlands. You can use this single ticket to travel by train, bus, tram and metro.

All gates have some screens in the Netherlands. When you start your journey you hold your card against the screen and when you finish your journey again.

Money Issues

You can apply for this card for 7,50€. Then you have to upload it with money for your journey:

This can be done via automatic reload from your bank account, online via iDEAL and offline at many loading devices. They are for example at stations, some supermarkets or newsagents.

Click here for more information on the loading process and here to find a close offline loading device.

Which cards are offered?

You can buy a personal card if you travel a lot. For example, you can combine this with a seasonal ticket and age discounts.

You can also buy an anonymous card. This can be used by a whole family but you cannot combine it with some discounts, etc.

If you are a student, you can apply to travel much cheaper to your courses.

Why having an OV Chipcard?

You do not have to think about other tickets for each journey. This works also for different transport methods (train, tram & bus). You can see your travel information online in advance.

Dutch information

Here you get very practical audio information on the OV Chipcard in Dutch.

Buy Season Ticket

If you travel a lot you can buy a season ticket. Therefore, you get a Discount Card.

The most popular one is the “off-peak-discount card”. You get 40% discount for each travelling except before 9am and between 4-6pm. The costs are 50€.

You can also buy the anytime discount. This one gives 20% discount before 9am and between 4-6pm, and otherwise 40% discount. This costs 25€ per month or 240€ per year.

Use Combined Discount

If you have a season ticket you can take three people with Combined Travel Discount with you.

Then the people travelling together with you benefit from the 40% discount from your season ticket too.

This does not work earlier than 9am and not between 16-18 o’clock. Each person travelling with you always need to have a balance of 10€ on his or her card to use this option.

Free Travelling

You can also get 100% discount with a discount card.

For 99€ per month you can travel free after 9am and not between 4-6pm.

For 32€ per month you can use the trail unlimited from Friday, 18:30 and Monday, 04:00.

For 408€ per month you can travel completely free the whole month.


Check this video by Kazem. He shows you how to take public transport in the Netherlands.