Refugees Reception Process in the Netherlands


Reunite with Family Members who are in The Netherlands

If you encounter a situation where a family (first degree relatives: husband/wife, parents and children) is not placed together with you but they are in The Netherlands in the COA system, then you can request COA to ‘connect to a social unit’ (verzoek tot koppeling tot sociale eenheid). To do this, contact:

Helpdesk uitvoering COA

The same request for siblings (brothers and sisters) will in principle not be approved,
but COA indicated that they will review this when the procedure starts. So just keep trying!

COA Departement Planning and Placement: 088-7157519
(COA Afdeling Planning en Plaatsing)

After you finish reception process & asylum procedure with a permit, you can try to request a family reunion to see your husband, children or parents again: You can read the information and requirements  here.