Think of buying a scooter? You will need a scooter driving licence in The Netherlands. There are two sorts of scooters (can be the same model). Snorfiets and bromfiets. For both you need an AM-licence, but the type 2 can drive faster and you need to wear a helmet. 

For both types you need:

  • Type AM-drivers licence or normal car licence (B)
  • Be 16 years and older
  • Cost the same to buy and for gasoline

Snorfiets Scooter (type 1)


  • Max. 25 km per hour
  • No helmet necessary
  • Less insurance
  • Allowed to drive on almost all bikepaths
  • AM-divers licence is obliged
  • Blue insurance plage

2. Bromfiets Scooter (type 2)

  • Max. 45 km per hour
  • Helmet obliged
  • Insurance
  • AM-drivers licence is necessary
  • Yellow insurance plate

Theory and Practical Exam (Bromfietsrijbewijs)

The best step is to go to a local driving school to take lessons. There they can explain you all about the costs of the scooter driving licence.

rijbewijs brommer stap

Where to Drive?

  • verkeersbord-brommer_en_snorrenSnorfiets and bromfiets path
  • scooter_op_fietspad  Cycling only (no motorized)1
  • fietspad-snorfietsBike and snorfiets (type 1)
  • rijbaan-opType 2 has to drive on the normal road

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