Sending Post

If you have to send post in The Netherlands, first you have to decide if the post is normal of extra valuable. Normal post: if it gets lost, there will be no drama. If the post you want to send is really valuable and it is of great importance that it gets to a specific address on time, you have to send it by bringing it to a postal office in your neighbourhood and ask for ‘aangetekende post’. This costs more obviously. Send your official documents and translations always in this way!

Send Post in The Netherlands: Normal Post

  1. Put your own name and address in the back of the letter … Then it can always return if there is a problem.
  2. Put the address of the receiver in the front, always WITH THE POSTAL CODE.
  3. Light letters within The Netherlands need one Dutch postal stamp or 0.73 eurocent. Heavy ones and international ones need more.
    More information about how many stamps you can find here. Also in English available.
    Here you can also find how to print your own digital postal stamps from 
  4. Normal post you put in orange postal boxes in the street. But on which side?
    If the postal code is regional and fits within the numbers on the left side: put it right.
    If the postal code is further away (not in the region), you put it in the left side ‘other postcodes’.
    “Brievenbus” is the Dutch word for the orange box in the streets.
    Do you have a package or signed post? Bring it to your nearest postal office point. You can find them here.


Send Post in The Netherlands: Valuable Post and Original Documents: Signed Post

Post that is really important and of which it is important to know it is received by someone, you bring to the nearest postal office point. You can find them here. There you ask for “aangetekend versturen”. Which means the one who receives the post has to sign for it when he gets it. For example if you send an official document or expensive translations or something.

>> TNT postal points locations near you!

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