In The Netherlands we have a busy train track. If something happens, you’ll get delay soon, so leave on time! ALWAYS electronically CHECK IN before you step in the train or busses and CHECK OUT when you have arrived – also with your day card provided by COA. Otherwise you will be fined in the trains.

Travel cheap with NS Group Ticket (7 euro to go and come back)

To find other people that can travel with you and buy the ticket, go to the NS group ticket facebook page of the city you want to travel to (or from).
For Nijmegen this is: NS Group Ticket Nijmegen. Another big one is Amsterdam. You can buy it also for 5-10 people at the same time in the NS website to order a group ticket for more people by yourself

How to Buy a Cheap Train Ticket?

  • Enter the Nijmegen group or another one you want to travel to or from
  • You need to hook up with some people online through this group for the corect travel date
  • Join a sub group of 10 for the right date
  • Tell in the group how many tickets you need
  • Someone will buy ten tickets at NS Online for 70,-
  • You transfer 7,- per ticket to this persons account
  • Then you will receive an e-mail to personalize
  • Put your leaving station, first letter, family name and e-mail adress
  • Print
  • Ask a local to help you!

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