WA Insurance in the Netherlands

in the Netherlands the majority of the Dutch people have it!

This insurance protects you, if you:

  1. Unintentionally harm other person
  2. Unintentionally harm property of other person
  3. Non-professional situations
  4. For all family members
  5. Covers you world-wide
  6. Cost: between 1€-5€ per month

Some examples when expenses can be covered:

  1. Shoot ball through neighbor’s window
  2. Kids destroy something
  3. Accident in daily life for example on the street
  4. BUT: NO insurance for vehicle accidents

WA stands for “wettelijke aansprakelijkheid”. In English, this means legal accountability. If you cause damage while working for a company (professional situation), a business accountability insurance would cover the costs, not the personal WA insurance.

Here you find more information in Dutch about the ING WA insurance