Starting a business in the Netherlands

Starting a business in the Netherlands

If you want to start your own business in the Netherlands, there are a number of steps that you have to take.
Then you need to know something about the Dutch market, and there are rules and laws for companies and employers.

If you have a business idea then think about:

yourself, do I have everything needed to be a successful entrepreneur? the right skills, drive, and motivation to make the company a success?

the market, who are your customers? How much? who are competitors? what are they doing

financing, is money needed to start the business? How much? and where from?

if your plan is well put together, you are satisfied with the answers … then your business can start by:

arrange formal affairs
Registration Chamber of Commerce,
arranging a company registration number with the tax authorities,
a VAT number, for this you need your citizen service number (BSN number)
Bank account for the company

Choose which legal form is most suitable for your company:

or you are self-employed, few requirements with regard to capital contribution, incorporation. You are 100% liable for private and business, tax falls under income tax

or you start a private company (BV), where there are holders of shares, limited liability benefit for owners, incorporation with a deed of a notary, starting capital at least € 0.01, there are shareholders, BV is liable for you as a private person, corporation tax and income tax on salary and dividend.

Your business has started, business can begin.


Think of company name
Depending on what the company does, it may be necessary to arrange permits
think about possible pension accrual, disability insurance, liability insurance, illness

Tip: Arrange the administration well, arrange a good boekhouder/ accountant, so that you can focus on running the business.

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