Voluntary work request

The event : Ladies Boels Tour

Date 7 and 8 September (is someone only wants to help one day, that’s fine as well)

Time: 9.30 -16.00

Location: starting point: downtown Nijmegen/Arnhem (exact location will be communicated later)

Tasks: Assisting with traffic control, note our team members will Always be on a spot together with dutch volunteers. And an instruction afternoon is organized so that everything will be clear for during the weekend.

Instruction afternoon: Friday 30 august at 13.30 location Papendallaan 51, Arnhem

All transportation cost will be covered. And of course you will be taken care of during the day regarding food and drinks.

Wanna join?

You can app/call Carolien: 0613040486

Or mail: carolien@refugeeteam.nl


Many people in the Netherlands do voluntary work. Newcomers in the Netherlands might experience that differently. what is your experience?

كثير من الناس في هولندا يقومون بعمل تطوعي. قد يواجه القادمون الجدد في هولندا ذلك بطريقة مختلفة. ما هي تجربتك؟

ماذا تعتقد عن القيام بعمل تطوعي ؟>What do you think about doing volunteer work?