Holiday tip: picnic at Goffert Park!

After an unusual spring stuck at home in order to prevent the spread of Corona virus, everyone can now enjoy the vacations. With the relaxation of Corona restrictive measures, we can now rediscover our cities and reclaim our leisure spaces, keeping the social distancing, of course.

Goffert Park is a well-known green area in Nijmegen which not long ago housed many concerts and music festivals. The construction of Goffert Park started in 1935, as part of a city development project to employ workers during the economic crisis. In 1939 the park was opened for the public.

Initially the total area was sixty-five hectares, but in 1952 the area was expanded totalizing currently more than eighty hectares. The large dimensions of the park allows families and groups of friends to safely enjoy the area.

All tribes and generations can find their favourite spot: paths to walking, cycling or rollerblading; wide green areas for barbecuing, sporting or reading a book; skate lanes; football stadium; animal farm; open theatre and more. From children to elderly, there is something special for everybody.

Why not gathering with your family and friends, bringing your favorite food and games? All you need is a picnic towel, some snacks and the willingness to embrace the summer vibes!