Almost everything closed, hard lock-down until January 19

The cabinet is preparing a far-reaching lockdown in which almost everything will close until 19 January: from schools to non-essential shops to museums to hairdressing salons to theaters, sources in The Hague report to the NOS.

The measures will take effect tonight at midnight to prevent a run on shops tomorrow. Contact professions such as physio and massage parlors must also stop, and people must stay at home as much as possible.

Schools must close their doors from Wednesday and switch to online education. Prime Minister Rutte addresses the country at 7 p.m. tonight about the far-reaching measures.

The cabinet is taking these drastic measures because the number of infections has risen sharply and the pressure on healthcare is becoming too great. The cabinet hoped to reduce the number of infections to 3,600 in mid-December, but there are now almost 10,000 every day.

People should stay at home as much as possible and prefer not to receive visitors. The setting of a curfew has been discussed but will not be implemented.

source: NOS