Five places you can learn Dutch in Amsterdam?

Five places you can learn Dutch in Amsterdam?

Do you want to take Dutch courses in Amsterdam? 

If you are new in the Netherlands or you live in Amsterdam you probably think it is important to learn Dutch in Amsterdam? the language of the country although it is not an easy language as you may think but learning Dutch language is helping you to integrate in Dutch Society and gives you an advantage to get a job in the Netherlands. 

Whether you are working in an international company where you speak only English or you are an international student in one of the Dutch universities, you can find different locations in Amsterdam that help you to start learning Dutch language, you will find  Dutch lessons for beginners and advanced levels. 

There are plenty of places in Amsterdam where you can take Dutch lessons. Below, you will find the main institutes that teach Dutch in this city! All of these institutes allow you to take Dutch courses during the day or even during the evening at any level you need. Unfortunately, these courses come with a price. If you want to take free courses in Dutch, I would highly recommend looking at the ROC van Amsterdam website!


1- Taalthuis

At Taalthuis you can follow courses at different levels. We aim to make learning a fun experience! Founded in 2006 Taalthuis now is a well known language institute in the Netherlands for higher educated students. With lesson locations in seven different cities in the Netherlands, Taalthuis makes it possible for expats, au pairs and international students to learn Dutch all over the Netherlands.


2- Katakura wblc

With so many Dutch language courses on offer these days and so many options for studying languages abroad, you need to make sure that you are choosing a quality experience and a first-rate education. Choose wisely and study Dutch in the Netherlands, at a  quality school where you can immerse yourself in the culture and adventure of a foreign country as you study Dutch.


3- Flowenty (offers also skype sessions)

Want to speak real-life, social conversational Dutch? Flowently’s unique live language teaching makes it much easier! Identify your goals and start learning Dutch in real-life situations. Meet up in a cafe, learn ‘the magic phrases’ and explore your neighborhood with your personal tutor.

4- Lingua Lab

 At Lingua Lab Amsterdam, we believe that learning a language is a magnificent adventure that never stops. It is full of surprises, takes you to new places, gives opportunities, and unites people of all ages from all over the world.

 5- Roc van Amsterdam

The ROC of Amsterdam (ROCvA) provides secondary vocational education at nine modern MBO colleges in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Hoofddorp, and Hilversum. Each MBO college has its own training offer and a number of specialisms.

Written by Chiara