Let’s go to the cinema!

The summer is almost gone, but we can always enjoy our cities in many ways, even with the corona virus restrictions. Films are a prefect fit if you want to entertain yourself, learn about other cultures and, why not, practice a new language. The options in Nijmegen range from open air cinema to traditional screenings, offering the newest blockbusters, classic productions and art films. And all of this, of course, in a safe way, observing the 1.5 metres distance rule!

On Saturday, 19 of September, Mamma Mia! will be screened in the Waalkade. A hundred seats will be available for free from 8 p.m.. The screening will start at 9 p.m.. Drinks and popcorn can also be bought there. But remember, first come, first served!

If you like art movies from all over the world, LUX cinema is a good option. There you can find films from the Netherlands, Korea, Germany, France, Denmark, UK, Sweden, among other. Misbehaviour is one of the films that is currently on screen, a great movie about women’s movement, patriarchate, racism and beauty standards. You can check the whole programme here.

Children can also enjoy the big screen. Pathé and Vue have a great selection for the youngsters, including Trolls World Tour, Scoob!, Engel and Big trip. Have a look at their programme!

You can also enjoy Nijmegen and the Netherlands in other ways. What about a picnic or a cycling trip? The only thing that is not allowed is not having fun!