What you can do to help fighting the Corona virus

Search for reliable sources

A lot of information has been circulating on the Internet about the new Corona virus. By this time you have already read many articles on symptoms, number of cases, countries affected and so on. It is important that you rely only on trustworthy sources such as:

1. The Dutch Centre of Expertise on Health Disparities
2. The National Institute for Public Health and Environment
3. World Health Organization

Do not propagate fake news or panic! Let’s base our actions on facts.

Follow the hygiene and social protocol

Woman coughing
Image credit: pharos.nl

1. Wash your hands with water and soap for 20 seconds;
2. Cough and sneeze on your elbow or use a tissue;
3. Clean surfaces;
4. Avoid greeting people with handshakes, kisses or hugs;
5. Don’t use public transport unless you can’t avoid it;
6. Stay at home.

Keep positive!

1. Create new games for your children. We have already posted some suggestions on how to entertain them!
2. Teach your children new things. It can range from school matters to gardening or cooking;
3. Check on your family by phone. It is really good to hear the voice of your dearests;
4. Watch films and concerts available online.

Keep smiling! Keep safe!